About Us

CFG Wealth Management, is a full service financial planning firm. We strive to help our clients avoid mistakes which drain financial resources and savings. Our goal is to take the mystery out of investing by helping to manage risk, prepare you for retirement, and preserve your wealth. We do this by spending the time necessary to educate our clients on the different strategies and approaches to investing. We then formalize a detailed plan that matches their goals.

If your financial life were like a placid lake, where you could easily see the other side, you may not need an advisor or guide to help you to cross it.  We feel life is more like rafting down a winding river, with rocks and obstacles in your path.  Having a guide who spends his or her life studying the financial river and who may help you steer clear of the obstacles before you approach them, can facilitate a much more enjoyable rafting experience.  In other words, we can help you achieve the retirement you have always envisioned while attempting to minimize scrapes along the way.

Here at CFG Wealth Management, we believe that there are many imbalances in the economy today; from a falling residential real estate market, rising trade and federal deficits, to a  volatile stock market with unstable currency valuations.  Because we strive to find consistency in an uncertain world market, we may include (collateral backed) programs which have the potential to excel in these tough economic times.

Some of our investment tools may be classified in the area of alternative investments.  Alternative investments refer to Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Collateralized Notes and other tangible backed assets.  Considering how ownership in real estate or other tangible assets have contributed to so many peoples overall wealth, it is a wonder that we use the label "alternative."  In fact, Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds did not gain widespread popularity until the late 1930's after the various security regulations were passed by congress.

Our mission is to establish a long lasting trusted relationship with you while helping you navigate the winding financial river of life.

LaMont Chandler

President, CEO

CFG Wealth Management offers securities and advisory services through Madison Avenue Securities, LLC. (MAS). Member FINRA / SIPC, and a Registered Investment Advisor. The information should not be the sole basis of any decisions made. Please inquire about your state with the advisor. Any investment referenced generically has their own risks and disclosures and is not intended as a recommendation, solicitation, or investment advice. CFG Wealth Management Inc and MAS are not affiliated companies.

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