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Some of our investment tools may be classified in the area of alternative investments. Alternative investments refer to Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Collateralized Notes and other tangible backed assets. Considering how ownership in real estate or other tangible assets have contributed to so many peoples overall wealth, it is a wonder that we use the label "alternative." In fact, Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds did not gain widespread popularity until the late 1930's after the various security regulations were passed by congress.

Our mission is to establish a long lasting trusted relationship with you while helping you navigate the winding financial river of life.

LaMont Chandler

President, CEO

Lamont Chandler



LaMont Chandler, President and CEO of CFG Wealth Management, is a specialist in the field of financial estate. LaMont and his team have been helping clients create and implement plans for achieving financial independence for over 15...

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