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What We Do

"Design Your Life"

Financial Concepts

* Tax Reduction Planning
* Adaptive Portfolio Management
* Individual & Business Investment Strategies
* Retirement Income Planning
* Wealth Transfer Planning * Pension Maximization Planning
* College Tuition Planning * Legacy and Charitable Giving Programs
* Life and Long Term Care Insurance Planning

Full service Financial Advisory

We offer a diversity of products and services that serve our clients through their retirement.

Direct Participation Programs****

NON-Exchange Traded REIT programs....

Equipment Leasing Trusts, (State Level Accreditation Required)

(1031 Strategies)

Energy Programs (Oil & Gas) (ACCREDITED INVESTORS ONLY)

Qualified Plan Analysis: IRA, SEP, Individual 401K as well as group Qualified Retirement Plans

Tax Reduction Strategies (Please Consult a Qualified Tax Professional prior to implementing any tax reduction strategy to make sure it is appropriate for your situation)

Cost Segregation Planning for commercial property owners!
(Possible recovery of excess tax contributions, past present and future)

Investments in securities are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of principal. Prices of securities may fluctuate from time to time and may even become valueless. Carefully read all of the relevant investment product’s offering documents and information before investing. Seriously consider investment suitability by referencing your financial position, investment objectives, and risks profile before making any investment decision. General 1031/TIC risks include potential for property value loss, change of tax status, potential for foreclosure, Illiquidity, impact of fees and expenses, reduction or elimination of monthly cash flow distributions, and loss of management control.

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